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Your donation will help a child receive high quality early education and child care.

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Invest in a Bright Future For All!

Decades of research show that without high quality early education, one out of every three economically disadvantaged children will start kindergarten a 1.5 years behind. Once they start kindergarten it is hard for that child to catch up.

Your donation directly provides tuition assistance for a Collier County child, ages six weeks to five, to receive high quality early education and child care. The children you help come from working families that are at the federal poverty level or below. Their families cannot afford child care without assistance from donors like you, much less the high quality early education they need.

Meet Joseph, one of this year's success stories.

"Joseph joined my classroom with what had been labeled "behavior problems." He came in with anxiety problems, nervous tics, and a general lack of understanding when it came to controlling his emotions. He would become upset easily, throw tantrums, scream, cry, call his teachers and friends names, and often would become physical with his classmates and teacher. The first month was a difficult transition for Joseph, having come from a center where the only way he knew how to get attention was by misbehaving. I worked with him in length, giving him the time and one-on-one he needed. I also provided him with the tools necessary to express his emotions...He began to thrive and build relationships with his peers. Now he calmly tells his friends when he is upset. He asks me to do his art project! Joseph is so proud of everything he accomplishes. All his nervous tics are gone. He loves circle time and always has his hand raised with an answer. I am extremely proud of how well he has progressed! --Crystal, Joseph's Teacher at Little Wonders, A CCCR Child Development Center

You can make a difference like this in a child's life. Donate today and invest in a bright future for all!

More Details on the Need Your Donations Meet

More than 75% of the children in our programs receive tuition assistance for up to half their child care costs. To qualify for tuition assistance parents must be working, and have an annual income at or below the federal poverty level. These families are struggling. For example, the annual income for a family of four at the national poverty level is $24,600. Typical child care costs are about $10,000 annuallyper child. Federal and state funds, like those from the School Readiness Program, leave financial gaps that tuition assistance from CCCR covers. We simply can't do this without you.